Tatiana Polnitz (Maid of Honor)


Tatiana is 24, Graduated from Rowan University where she joined Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc along with the bride. Her favorite color is red and she loves to sing and drink Gold Peak. “My Best Memory with Kayla is when she made me Parmesan Crusted Chicken lol that was literally the start of our friendship, she invited me over her apartment cause she was cooking and we been best friends ever since.”


Christian McLaurin


Christian Amaris, 27, served in the US Army, attended Stockton University, and I'm currently a Conductor for Amtrak. My favorite color is green, I can't go a day without laughing and God is my homie. ”Best memory of Kayla hmmmmm, I got it... the night before Linda made her a bloody Mary.”


Tiffany Bethea


Tiffany is 24, a licensed Social Worker in NJ. She had the privilege of attending Rowan University and joining Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc. with Kayla. Her favorite colors are red and blue. She loves to be goofy and make others laugh. “Best memory with Kayla was Spring 2013 running from RoPo! Fake Rowan police...lol.”


Nephthalie "Nephy" Edouard


Nephthalie, 24, is a Licensed Social Worker. She joined Alpha any Omega Sorority, Inc. Alongside with Kayla. Her favorite color is black and Purple. She LOVES traveling, working out, and CATS! "My best memory with Kayla was when we met up at the mall for dinner and she randomly broke out in dance in the middle of the parking lot! And of course I joined her ;) LOL"


Daphney DeJean


Daphney, 23, is a Rowan University graduate. She joined Alpha Nu Omega Sorority, Inc. alongside with Kayla. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Public Health at Drexel U. Her favorite colors are all shades of blue. She loves adventure, working out, and FOOD. “My best memory with Kayla was using the swimming pool noodles at Shoprite as swords and "fighting" in the isle 😂”


Takia Jackson


Takia is 28, Delaware State University Graduate, married to Bobby Jackson, with two children. My favorite color is orange, I love pink nail Polish, big purses and black jelly beans! My favorite memory of Kayla was her choreographing my wedding proposal.


Jacqueline "Jackie” Nelson


“Best Memory with Kayla is ALLLLLLL Spring 13 Lol! All of it!” Jacqueline Nelson is a licensed minister. She graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary where she has received her second masters. She is a proud member of Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. Her favorite color is teal, she is churchy and she LOVES trap music.






"Wives, submit to your own husbands, as to the Lord."  Ephesians 5:22 ‭NKJV