Kirk Brockenbrough (Best Man)


“Best memory has got to do of the many times we hit the lake recently and the times you would spend the night at my crib as a young boy...LOL.”


Nick Hill


“On memory in particular is Rob being the protector of all of the cousins. One day Rob and I were at the park playing basketball, then came two boys and somewhere along the line an altercation had occurred. Well there were two of them and then two of us, Rob and I. The argument escalated quickly and the next thing I know Rob was beating the other two up while I found myself hiding behind a trash can. This day was the day I knew Rob was the protector of the cousins.”


Sulayman Majeed-Sloan El


“My favorite memory was when we walked to taco bell and tried to order from the drive thru with no car. Than we walked a little further to another restaurant where our friend was the manager. And got hooked up with so much food that we both got sick the next day.”


Terrence “Tee” Hayes


“Tough to narrow down my favorite memory might have to be the time at Mikes and we were Stuntin with our pink tees and Rob was hype about his and took a L on the scooter and had to get and new one.”


Michael “Mike” Squires


“Well as young boys we rode our bikes everywhere so one night we decided to pedal to a party in Pine Hill. Rob being clumsy wasn't paying attention missed calculated a small whole in the ground and front flipped over the handle bars in front of the homies. And swore it was because someone pedaled in front of him and got in his way is what caused him to fall the way he did. Still til this very day he says if it wasn’t for us messing around he wouldn’t have flipped over his handle bars.”


Jeff Jones


“Rob and I have had many memorable moments but the one that stands out the most was our senior trip to the Bahamas. The legal drinking age in the Bahamas is 18 but that didn't matter to us because neither of us ever drank alcohol ; That didn't last long though. Our first stop was Señor Frogs and they had a Congo shot line going. We looked at each other and next thing you know shots were being poured down our throats. From that point on I knew that trip was going to be one to remember.”


Sharif Brown


“My favorite memory with my brother Sir Robert Lloyd is when we created the "Legendary". The legendary was originally our way of venting or just chopping it up with each other by taking a short or long walk through the neighborhood. Without the legendary we may not have the great women in our lives now. *It has expanded to drives to AC, Philly , Wildwood. Those Legendary Walks have definitely bought us close together.”




A man who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord . Proverbs 18:22